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The characters expressed by Rebeca Martinez tend to surround us with numerous color combinations, which is exactly what the artist takes pleasure in; the free blending of tones. Their facial features, shaped by different brush strokes, make us reflect on the mood and emotional state which inhabits them.

The artist not only dispenses in describing the physiognomy in her work, but also in detailing the body , due to the fact that in some instances she only traces them, sketches or drawing, between a dynamic environment. Within it’s composition, its sole presence is very clear and, for that reason the figure contrasts with each motion of the brush both internally and externally.

Those characters tend to be cold or rather outsiders, since they possess a trace of existential emptiness lacking both in gaze, facial elements, as in specific attributes. Nevertheless, Rebeca shows them to us with her abstracted humanity, simplified, summarized and synthesized so that we , the spectators, would search, inspect, study and comprehend them without any prejudice nor look for its condition and physical nature. In that sense, the author makes them available to the observer so that he captures “between the lines “ exclusively the essential part of his being, setting aside any opposing or qualifying factor.

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